I love The Protein Kitchen’s delicious natural protein bars. I always have one with me in my bag as a snack. These are the absolute best bars I have ever tasted and I am grateful that I can easily get some proper and healthy food on the go. THANKS!

I’m a really big fan of The Protein Kitchen’s bars. Super delicious in texture and taste, especially hazelnut, which reminds me a bit of Nutella. I always keep a bar in my handbag, in my training bag, at work, and with the horse. I could not live without them. The bars being made of natural ingredients is the cherry on top.

I am a huge fan of everything from their protein bars, which make for delicious snacks, to their salads, which are some of the best I have tasted in a long time. Now they even make warm meals. Looking forward to seeing what the next one will be. I think it’s so cool that there are healthy solutions for people on the go where everything is taken into account. Especially where the raw materials are from and how the animals are treated.

Some great products. I love all the bars, they simply taste so good, and are easy to take on the go! Huge recommendation from me.

Healthy, tasty, and always fresh. They all taste of quality and even though I cycle through flavors one at a time, I still found my favorite. The taste reminds me of sunbathing, pool bathing, and warm skies: Coconut!

The Protein Kitchen and Cecilie’s entire team are professionals and very skilled. Time and time again, they manage to conjure up delicious salads and hearty dishes. I buy their products several times a week and I am never disappointed. Low in calories and flavorful. I’m crazy about it!

Bought a delicious salad with crispy cabbage, perfectly cooked brown rice (neither over- nor undercooked), and with a delicious dressing – a really nice overall experience. I have worked in the retail trade and have never had such good experiences with any other finished food. And that includes both salads and sandwiches. Thank you for the food!

Very delicious products! All the protein bars are a hit at home as a nutritious snack, as are the healthy and tasty salads. I will, without a doubt, continue to buy from The Protein Kitchen. Everyone should try their products!

I strongly recommend The Protein Kitchen, their products taste SO good! Their salads and bowls are very filling. Their protein bars are a must-have in my kitchen / bag. They are perfect for a snack.

Many incredibly tasty products. Their bars are my absolute favorites.

Good, easy, healthy, and nutritious food on the go. Can especially recommend their bars.

Super delicious products. Welcoming packaging, delicious taste, and reasonably priced… yum 🙂

Very delicious products of good quality and at fair prices! Especially love their protein bars and different kinds of chia porridge.

Can definitely recommend The Protein Kitchen for their selection of delicious products, from their protein bars to ready meals.

Fantastic products that satiate any hunger and are great for when you’re on the go. Cecilie has really managed to put together a great business.

Very delicious products that taste great!

Best protein bars I have tasted!

The most filling protein bars! And they’re made with real ingredients, not just blended products.

Super delicious products! Especially their protein bars are a hit at home. I have long been exploring for protein bars without additives, and there I must say that both the taste and the pure ingredients are wonderful! I strongly recommend their bars to everyone. My own favorites are the green bars (with hazelnut) which remind me of a mouthful of Nutella and their most recent pink bars (with cashew) which just taste delightful.