We at The Protein Kitchen are more than just a food company. We are passionate about making a difference in your life – we are passionate about improving your health and quality of life. We want to inspire you with our philosophy of holistic health and our zest for life while also providing you with solutions and tools to use in your everyday life.

Every single day, we do our best to develop and deliver natural quality products that provide relief on busy days and make your life a little easier and more fun.

We believe that your body deserves pure, raw ingredients, without unnecessary fillers. Raw ingredients that both give you energy and the nutrients your body needs to build and repair. Se more about the team here.

Learn more about the team here.

It all started back in 2011. Cecilie dreamed of making a difference by inspiring people to lead healthier and happier lives. The seed started to sprout as an online movement while Cecilie was doing a lot of volunteering in the field. After several years of inspiring others and a sea of healthy recipes, Morten and Cecilie created the brand together and launched their first cookbook. From there, our story is very eventful, long, and exciting. You can get an overview of our journeys as well as more juicy details here.

It’s been a long journey but our foundation and vision are still the same: To contribute positively to your health and quality of life and to inspire you to lead a happier and healthier life.

We are passionate about inspiring others and making a difference, especially as a brand that produces food. We are detail-oriented and every single raw material that goes into our products is investigated and researched for health and quality. We develop and produce our food from scratch – everything from spice mixes, dressings, marinades, fish, chicken, etc. Our work is guided by our philosophy of holistic health and we develop our products with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and a healthy macro-distribution that everyone can benefit from.

Our food and protein bars are 100% natural. Most protein bars contain many different sweeteners, flavors, and other artificial fillers. We want to develop products with short ingredient lists, consisting of natural and high-quality ingredients that energize, satiate, and leave your body feeling good.

Read more about our values here.


Everyone can enjoy our products.

Yes, you can. All our products are designed to be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We only use clean and high-quality ingredients that are good for your body.

The following products are lactose-free: our protein bars, Power Chia, Power Oatmeal, Burrito Bowl, Curry Chicken, Tikka Masala, Chili con Carne, and Asian Chicken Meatballs.

Tikka Masala and Chili con Carne do not contain gluten.

Our protein bars and our burrito bowl are made of gluten-free ingredients, but they may contain trace amounts of gluten as they are produced in facilities that also process foods with gluten.

Power Chia and Power Oatmeal.

We’re always working hard on improving our packaging to make it more environmentally friendly. All plastic we use is recyclable. The trays in our ready meals are made of recycled plastic.


We produce 6 days a week in Copenhagen, using fresh ingredients.

No. We only use natural ingredients in our food and protein bars.

We use chicken that is 100% Danish.

We use salmon from stress-free, sustainable salmon farms that do not use antibiotics or hormones.

You can find our retailers here.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to order our protein bars online. If it is a larger business or event order, you are welcome to send your inquiry to hello@theproteinkitchen.eu.

We do occasionally provide food for larger events. You are welcome to send us an inquiry at hello@theproteinkitchen.eu.


100% natural, tasty, and filling protein bars. They are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Each bar contains a good and nutritious balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and fats to sate your hunger and give you good, stable energy. Great as an easy snack during your day.

Our bars are 100% natural and only contain a few ingredients. They are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. If you experience stomach pain when consuming sweeteners or whey, then our bars are for you as they contain neither.

You can eat our bars at any time. They are great as an easy snack at home or on the go. They are great with coffee or the ’15:00 crisis’, when blood sugar is low and hunger strikes. In addition, they can be used as a healthier alternative to candy or dessert.

No, most definitely not. Everyone can eat them. However, we always recommend being at least a little bit active every day, as recommended by the Danish Health Authority and most other equivalent institutions throughout Europe.

No, the bars do not contain any artificial sweeteners. They are 100% natural and are only sweetened by dates.

We do not add any sugar to the bars so they contain no refined sugar. The bars only contain natural fruit sugars from the dates, which does not have the same effect on blood sugar levels.

Each bar contains approximately 12g of protein. We focus on using high-quality protein sources and place an emphasis on making our bars delicious. Our bars are not intended to replace your regular diet, but should instead supplement your existing diet or serve as a healthy snack.

Our bars contain protein from egg whites and nuts.

Yes, the bars are gluten-free. However, they may contain trace amounts of gluten as they are produced in facilities that also process other foods containing gluten.

No, the bars do not contain any milk or lactose.

Yes, the nuts in our protein bars are roasted.

Yes, children can eat our bars. However, be aware of larger pieces of nuts in our bars – we do not recommend our bars for children younger than 3 years old.

No, the bars do not need to be refrigerated.

Unfortunately not yet – but it is on our list for potential future projects.

Unfortunately, we have not yet developed a vegan version of our bars. However, we’re working hard to develop new delicious varieties for you.

You can buy our bars online on our webshop, but you’ll also find them at one of our retailers: 7-Eleven, Q8, Fitness World, Normal, Coop.dk, SATS, Føtex, Føtex Food, Netto, Bodyman, Musclehouse, Matas, and select other independent customers.

We pack and deliver all orders as quickly as possible. Your packages are usually sent with GLS the same day you place your order and are usually delivered within 1-2 working days.


To find out more about becoming a retailer, please send your inquiry to hello@theproteinkitchen.eu.

You are welcome to email Cecilie at cecilie@theproteinkitchen.eu. Please note, however, that due to how many inquiries we receive daily, it may take us a bit longer to reply.

You are welcome to email Cecilie at cecilie@theproteinkitchen.eu. Please note, however, that due to how many inquiries we receive daily, it may take us a bit longer to reply.