Try this tip for delicious bowl, you can enjoy as a simple breakfast, as an in-between meal, or as a tasty evening snack, with yogurt, berries, almonds & our natural protein bar – you can enjoy it as breakfast, or as a healthier evening snack. Try it out!




  • Low-fat yoghurt. Greek, Icelandic or Plain. (you can choose a plant-based version)
  • Fresh berries
  • Chopped Almonds
  • Our natural protein bar (we used the cashew version for this recipe)

You can choose to sweeten it extra with a some agave syrup or honey. Add some oats for more fiber.


  1. Add yoghurt to a bowl.
  2. Prepare all topping – Chop up our natural protein bar.
  3. Add your toppings to the bowl.

TIP: Try adding vanilla extract in the yoghurt. Try adding other fresh fruits as apple or banana.


We hope you will enjoy the tip.

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With love from,
Cecilie and team The Protein Kitchen

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