Do you need a great idea for the perfect gift during the festive holiday season?

Well… Why not give a present that is delicious, that spoils the taste buds, the body and well-being at the same time?

  • Should it be an exotic experience with a crunchy bite, choose our coconut and almonds flavor, which will make you dream of paradise.
  • If it’s for someone who loves a delicate combination of roasted peanuts and a deep cocoa flavor, choose our peanut bar.
  • Should it be the gift with a cause, choose our pink bar with a delicious combination of cashew nuts, almonds and a mild cocoa flavour. When you buy this bar, we donate to the Danish Red Cross. 1 protein bar corresponds to 1 nutritious meal or 40L of clean drinking water for a child in need.
  • If it is too difficult to choose, or if you want to give a mix of all 4 flavors, then choose our delicious variety pack with 12 mixed bars – 3 of each kind.

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Spice up the classic gift with a healthier alternative that everyone will enjoy. During Christmas time, we get plenty of delicious Christmas food, Christmas snacks and candy, therefore the bars can also be a great alternative and a break from all that.

Our bars are made with all natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives such as sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives. Our bars contain dates, which sweeten them naturally and provide a higher fiber content than if we had simply added white sugar, which we never do in our products. In addition, you get great clean protein sources from both nuts and egg whites and then you get a delicious taste from our cocoa.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

Happy December from us at The Protein Kitchen.

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