The Latest news from The Protein Kitchen

The Latest news from The Protein Kitchen

Over a long period of time, we have worked hard to develop new and delicious products for you. Our goal is to make your meals tastier and healthier – one bite at a time. We always make every effort to develop high-quality products without e-numbers and with an emphasis on sustainability. In addition, we are passionate about continually developing healthier and even more environmentally friendly supplements.

As we have launched a whole lot of new products, we would like to share an overview with you. Below, you can read a little more about each product.

If you have not yet tasted the products, we hope you feel like trying them.



In spring, we launched a new and delicious 4th variant of our natural protein bars, namely with cocoa and cashew nuts. This protein bar, however, is more than just a new flavor variant: It is made in collaboration with the Red Cross, through their annual initiative Klub10.

For every bar you buy, you support a good cause, as we donate DKK 2 to the Red Cross. This is equivalent to a nutritious meal for an acutely malnourished child or 40L of clean drinking water in disaster areas.

This project means a lot to us and we hope you feel like supporting it.

The bar is, like the other varieties, 100% natural with only a few, simple ingredients. Dates, egg whites, cocoa, almonds, and cashews. That’s it. No refined sugar. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or the like.

In addition, our bar is free of milk, gluten, and soy. It tastes great and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Whether as a snack, when you’re on the move, when that 3 pm hunger strikes, as a healthy treat next to a coffee while working out, etc., our bars are your ideal companion in every situation. They are easy to carry and do not melt.

In total, the bar contains only 202 kcal. Indeed, we fondly call it a little ‘life-saver’. You can order it right HERE.

You simply have to taste it – You will not regret it. Thank you for backing this cause!


For a long time, we have been working on developing a dish with organic eggs, as something completely new in the breakfast category.

We chose to create a new category of POWER BOWLS, which can also serve as a smaller lunch or as a snack. They satiate well, even though they only contain about 200 kcal.

In June 2021, we launched two varieties: Red Roots & Crispy Greens, both of which are sold in selected 7-eleven stores in Denmark.



Red Roots

A mouthwatering dish of organic scrambled eggs with a crispy, full-bodied, and slightly spicy base of red scallion, red quinoa, brown rice, fresh red peppers, flipped in our homemade romesco sauce (made on grilled peppers, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.). This bowl is a must-try and perfect for when you’re on the go on a busy morning. It is also suitable for vegetarians.


Crispy Greens

Organic scrambled eggs with a crisp green base of coarse bulgur, peas, scallions, fried mushrooms, sunflower seeds turned into our homemade and healthier green pesto. Inspired by Nordic and Italian cuisine. The green taste goes great with our scrambled eggs. Bon appetit!


Burrito Bowl

In June 2021, we proudly launched a new and delicious BOWL in our category SALAD BOWLS. We chose to develop tasteful Mexican- and Nordic-inspired bowls. If you have not yet tasted them, do yourself a favor and enjoy one for your next lunch or evening meal. The bowl contains only about 300 kcal yet is still very nourishing and full of umami.

The Chipotle chicken, which we cook from scratch ourselves, is bred and raised exclusively in Denmark. It is served in a bowl of brown rice and quinoa covered in our delicious healthy Mexican dressing, topped with baked sweet chili carrots, fresh cucumber, and peppered with our healthier homemade pickled red onions. This product can be found in Denmark in selected 7-eleven stores, in Føtex Food and in selected Netto stores.



In June 2021, we also launched our two new TREATS, Apple Porridge and Cheesecake with Blueberries.

Both have been developed with the intention of making the delicious classics healthier so that they can be enjoyed in everyday life as a snack, a healthier dessert, or even for breakfast. They taste terrific and satisfy your sweet tooth, while giving your body good natural energy. They can both be bought at Danish 7-Eleven stores.


In March In 2021, we finally launched our first ready meals ever in collaboration with Hanegal. Many have requested it from us, so it is very satisfying to be able to launch three organic, healthier, sustainable, and delicious meals that you can easily take home and heat for lunch or dinner in just a few minutes. Completely free of e-numbers. All trays are made of recycled plastic.

All three dishes are sold in Føtex Food. Chili con Chicken + Tikka Masala is also sold in selected Netto stores in Denmark. Every Tuesday and Thursday, our ready meals are included in the eco-offers at Føtex Food, where you can get a 20% discount. They contain only about 300 kcal. Our ready meals can also be frozen.


The classic Chili con ‘Carne’ but in our own version, with free-range chicken instead of beef and with healthier ingredients. Served with brown rice.


A plant-based version of a delicious spicy Indian dish with chickpeas, carrots, tomato, onion, and lots of flavors from, among other things, curry, garam masala, ginger, and coconut milk. Served with brown rice.


Asian-inspired dish with wholegrain noodles and Asian chicken meatballs made with free-range chicken, ginger, sesame, and lime. Served with a delicious tamari-ginger sauce and sautéed peppers, carrots, and red onions. Delicious and filling.


Power Oatmeal with blueberries: Our latest product has finally landed on the shelves in Denmark in Føtex Food and in selected Netto stores. We have developed naturally tasty oatmeal with chia seeds that has a delicious consistency and a deliciously crispy crunch topping without any added sugar. The new Power Oatmeal works well for breakfast or as a filling snack. We have developed two new varieties!

BLUEBERRY ARONIA, which adds extra antioxidants and vitamin C to the porridge ( both blueberries and aronia berries are rich in both nutrients),

And STRAWBERRY RHUBARBER, with our homemade coulis at the bottom and also without added, refined sugar.

Both variants are 100% natural and free of e-numbers and can be found in selected grocery stores in Denmark.

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