What Health Means to Us at the Protein Kitchen

What Health Means to Us at the Protein Kitchen

What does it really mean to be healthy? The answer you’ll get depends on who you asked, as every single one of us defines health differently – as we should. There is no one correct way to be healthy.

However, we at The Protein Kitchen share some common values that we believe in and that we’ve found to work for us. We hope they can help inspire you and help you to increase your energy and quality of life.

It is, in fact, quality of life that is the key word here. We believe that health must contribute to your joy in life and the quality of your life. Being healthy is about being happy and present in one’s own life.

As such, we have a very holistic approach to health and well-being. We consider health to be more than just a healthy diet and physical activity. It also extends to your mental health, your social life, the environment you live in, having a purpose in life, and so much more.

You and your body deserve to be pampered in a healthy, delicious, and fun way – both physically and mentally. Fun, easy, and healthy, are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.
For us, health is about balance – finding the right balance between living healthy and enjoying life at the same time. You can do both. We promise.

Many of us tend to constantly strive to improve ourselves. This is not necessarily a bad trait, as the desire for improvement can make us work harder and keep us motivated when we’re pursuing our goals. However, we owe it to ourselves to be realistic about our abilities and goals. Comparing ourselves to others can quickly become unhealthy. We are all different individuals – the only person we should compare ourselves to is ourselves.

Health for us is not a strict diet or treatment, nor is it a fanatic obsession, or any sort of punishment. Health is a choice made freely and individually that leads to a better way of life. Health is a life in balance.

We’ve all heard of the “all-in” cure: broccoli, no sugar, no alcohol, no white bread, no rice, no pasta, etc. The problem with this kind of diet or cure is that our brain will automatically focus on what has been forbidden. You’ll still grab a bite of the “forbidden cake” and justify it to yourself. Just one bite. A slice won’t hurt. I deserve a second slice. I’ll do better tomorrow. When tomorrow rolls around, you’ll just repeat last night’s justifications for repeated transgressions. This can make you feel like a failure, like someone who doesn’t have what it takes.

But there is room for it all. Diets – healthy living in general – should be looked at as part of a longer process.

Let’s say you’re going to a birthday party on Wednesday where you’ll be served wine, a three-course menu, and platters of sweet treats. Living healthy doesn’t mean you can’t indulge at the birthday party. It means eating normally every other day of the week and not treating yourself to the regular Sunday brunch that week. At the end of the day, it’s about not eating more than your burn. Pretty clear-cut.

It’s a question of mindset and our everyday choices. That means choosing the healthier and more nutritious alternatives when possible and being physically active when possible while also saving room for less “healthy” options every now and then. It’s about cultivating, establishing, and practicing good habits.

It is important to note that sometimes life gets in the way. We all have periods when we are under more pressure than usual, where we may not have the extra energy and time for healthy eating and exercise. Our weight will fluctuate, our body will change in accordance with what life has thrown at us. Whether it’s a break-up, moving, a new job, stress at work, exam stress, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, etc. Life is a journey and our motivation (and in turn our health) is continuously affected by our current situation and state of mind.

We want to drive down that motivation is never a constant factor! It comes and goes, and often you’ll have to force it yourself, reminding yourself of your “WHY?”. When you don’t have the strength to exercise or stick to a nutritious diet, remember that nothing needs to be perfect. But do give it your best, using everything at your disposal. Remind yourself WHY you want to choose the good habit over the one that is less good. The good habit is, well, good for you. It will improve your mood, boost your self-esteem, and give you a small feeling of success.

It’s exactly the above thoughts you should try to take with you in life. Life is a journey and has its phases and challenges. We have all experienced ups and downs in one way or another. You may be one of those who struggle with motivation or are constantly facing challenges when it comes to your health and body. You are not alone. It’s not easy, but by just taking one day at a time and trying to get the best of every day, you’ll move forward.

At the same time, remember that it is natural that the journey to a healthier life is challenging. But you are stronger than you think, and you can do much more than you might expect. You deserve the best – never forget how much your body can achieve!

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